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Reading is as Important as Eating

Recently we have been asked many questions about our farm. Questions stemming from do we use pesticides, herbicides, are we using GMO seeds. When do we pick up our produce for CSA weeks, what is the address of the farm? Who owns the farm, how long have you been farming....

When I spoke about these questions at dinner the other night, our granddaughter piped up, "Gee Nana, why do they ask so many questions. I know the answers, they are on our website, all they need to do is take time to read the directions". I politely giggled to myself and then sighed. Our 7 year old granddaughter knew the key answer "READ the Directions or narrative". - Reading is important and in so many ways can answer questions, widen your beliefs, soothe your mind and soul. Unfortunately in our fast paced, social network lifestyles, many folks do not take time to read the directions, ingredients or Bio's. It has become much easier to watch than to read. To be entertained visually, rather than have a good book speak to you as you flick the pages. To expand your mind and learn is what we are meant to do on a daily basis. Not to just be entertained. To read is to feed the mind.

What is interesting is that Reading is as important as Eating. To Read is to fill your mind, to Eat is to fill your belly. In this day and age reading about the foods we consume before we eat them is one of the most important and profound tasks. Eating foods that nourish our bodies, build our muscles and guard us from disease isn't as easy as it was 50 years ago. We must be diligent and READ where our food comes from and how it is grown and processed.

Recently our amazing USDA and FDA have allowed chemical farming practices to be labeled differently. These changes in verbage makes you believe you are consuming healthy foods. NOT SO! "Bioengineered Foods" "Derived from Bioengineering" Wow that sounds so cool. It's not! It's the same as GMO !

The point of this whole blog is this - Take time to read. Take time to read the blogs, and bio's. Websites are a great source of knowledge. Take time to read the box or label on your food. Take time to read about what is happening to our food sources. Take time to read about labeling and educate yourself with facts that have been published. Yes ask questions, yes contact your source and verify what you have read.

You will be surprised at what you will learn!

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