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Hazel's Happy Flowers

At a very early age, Miss Hazel fell in love with flowers. Not just any flowers but the flowers at her grandparents farm. From the time she was 3 months old she has spent most days in the Glory B greenhouse with her Papa and Nana. At 2 she started watering with a tiny watering can, and now at 7 she is an experienced propagator, knowledgeable of many flowers, assists our Bee Keeper, and arranges bouquets weekly during the summer for the

60 families that belong to the farm. 

In 2020 when the world as we knew it became very distant, faces were hidden by masks, schools and businesses were closed and online became the norm, Miss Hazel wanted to brighten every ones day. She asked her Papa if she could have a row in the field to plant flowers. She thumbed through countless seed catalogs, using her allowance she ordered seeds.  Over 500 cells were planted by her tiny hands. But now she needed another row! Of course we had room! 

By mid March 2020, Hazel decided to share her seeds with her online class. She made packets of sunflowers, filled started pots, designed a diagram and presented a You-Tube to her teacher. Her teacher delivered the bags to all the students and together online they share the progress. It was a wonderful experience for all. 

 Hazel's 2022 Flower Project was slightly larger. Ornamental Corn, Dahlias, a Perennial row added by the street side. This row is filled with herbs, beneficial flowers and is a Bee Line control row. The bees stop there and get all they want and don't go across the traffic!  Some of the proceeds from her Seed Tip Jar (the members left tips in a jar for her arrangements) she set aside for 2023 seeds. Our members were treated to their weekly flowers, cause

Hazel Flowers Make You Happy! 

2023 Hazel will be growing and planted an entire field of her Happy Flowers. Classes for flower arranging will be in Late July and August. There will be benches and arches in her field where you can sit and enjoy the hummingbirds, bees and nature. Make sure to check in and join us here on the farm! 

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