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How Many Jars?

Updated: Jan 31

This is only an Estimate; however, we have referred to this list many times. Knowing the exact number of jars is never a perfect science and hope this helps you.

Given to us by dear friends in Emmett Bob and Doris Hembree. Their Orchard was originally established in 1890 by the Pinoann Family. In 1942 they handed their keys to daughter Doris and son in law Bob. They tended this amazing orchard till 1999. This list also refers to “Old School” pounds in a Bushel, which changes with each fruit or vegetable.

See List at bottom of this page.

Remember depending on how you will prepare your produce. Sliced, Cubed, Quartered, Spears or Whole. Each of these are packed into jars differently. Always have more jars, rings, seals sterilized and hot ready to use just encase you have extra.

Processing times will vary, make sure to refer to a canning processing guide for your altitude and the produce you are using. Some can be processing in a Water Bath. But all Low Acid foods MUST be processed in a Pressure Canner.

PLEASE CAN BY THE RULES! Home processed foods are tasty, full of wholesome goodness if you don’t take short cuts and process by the rules.


Steve and Wendy

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