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Fall is Here!

Well just as summer arrived way to soon for most of us, Fall is here with all its glory. The colors and cool nights invigorate the soul and enhance the mind. Especially after the heat we all had in July! Oh how a good warm sweatshirt feels in the morning with the great cup of warmth! Yup coffee tea or hot cocoa , heck even that pumpkin latte stuff in a hot cup is wonderful.

The colors that come from the cooler nights creates a wonderful pallet in the horizon. Smells of fresh earth tilled, fires of burning leaves help soothe the muscles of raking those leaves ! Tractors tilling the rich soil, some preparing for winter crops, while others are planting covers. Doves darting across fields pecking at seeds long forgotten, as hawks circle above watch for voles and mice running for cover.

Smells from the kitchen of Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie...laughter around the warmth of a fire.

Pumpkins align the walk ways, cornstalks stand tall and the moon shines bright.

Yes Fall is Here!

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