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Thousands of Miles Fresher - Sourcing Local is Easier Than YOU Think!

Growing up on a small sustainable farm in 1960 was a true gift. We had our own seasonal fruits, veggies and raised poultry (chickens and turkeys) our own eggs too. Honey came from a hive in the wall of the garage... We had a neighbor that raised grass fed beef and my Dad filled in the blanks with fishing and hunting.  My father worked and my mom was home till I was 9. But even when she worked there were fresh baked cookies on the counter when I came home - something I did for my children and now my grandkids. You make time for the important things.

Sourcing food wasn't an issue back then. My mom canned or froze the bounty from the garden, our pantry and freezer was always packed with fruits, veggies and meats of all kinds all year long. She was known as the milk, toilet paper and soap lady at the grocery store.... Guess what? Now so am I – I am humbled that we have this opportunity. In this day and age that sounds funny. But when you truly think of where you foods come from and especially now with the new USDA regulations standards...We really should think or WHERE DO OUR FOODS COME FROM and HOW OLD ARE THEY WHEN WE GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE THEM and WHERE WERE THEY REALLY ARE GROWN OR PROCESSED AND PACKAGED????

Usage of Chemicals for herbicides and pesticides including GMO varieties are a huge concern...and now a concern we should all look at is this: The transportation of meats (chicken and pork) to foreign countries for processing and then being transported back to the US for your consumption!!! People please!! This is totally not the way commerce should be operated. We have the knowledge and the land to do this for ourselves. To feed ourselves properly and safely. All of this leads to unhealthy bodies. We have become a product of the product. Deficient in every way. No wonder cancer, autoimmunity and digestive issues are all on the rise.

People - we ask you - do you know where your food comes from???

We have always had this token at our farm - "Thousands of Miles Fresher" - And we stand behind that with great pride. Eating from the land seasonally is healthier and in the long run easier. It’s the way we should be consuming our foods.  Local and All Natural! We farm the way our grandfathers did, good ol' fashioned hoeing! Our bounty every year speaks for the effort.

Please take time to resource foods in your area. Meats, grains, produce of fruits and veggies. Learn to store them - either canning, dehydration, freeze, fermentation. Learn to eat seasonally – it’s healthy and fun than you think!

We are truly proud and thankful that we are able to raise farm fresh produce for our family and the families of our CSA program. Our seasonal bounty sustains our family all year long. Thank you Lord for blessing our lives. We are proud to Celebrate 20 Years of Growing for You!

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