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"Sowing Seeds" We should do it for the LOVE of IT.

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

In the spring we always think of planting or "sowing seeds”. Springtime seems to be the right time to re-plant or plant the garden. Big acreage or small plots - container or raised beds - personal or community we get the itch to play in the dirt. 

As the sun warms the soil our mailboxes are filled with seed packets that we have painstakingly ordered from countless catalogs we received last winter. Every time we visit the local mega mart, we are lured into scoping out the seed racks and purchasing a few more.  

Some folks sow seeds indoors to get an early start - mini greenhouse to commercial size greenhouses, starter trays are filled with potting soil and tiny seeds are lovingly sowed and watered. Watching daily as the seeds sprout and green makes us smile.  Awe - life begins - tiny baby plants breathing in C02 and giving us precious 02 as if they are saying thank you for giving them life. 

Sowing Seeds doesn't have to be just planting seeds for the garden.  "Planting a Seed" or "Sowing Seeds" is a gentle way of expressing ones love for another, soft nudge to guide in the right direction and a lighter design of teaching. All of which are done with Love. 

Planting a seed in a child is simple: Showing how to write their name, sitting a reading to them, cooking with them and playing with them. Being a good example and mentor.  As we grow older Planting seeds or Sowing an Idea is a bit more difficult - But is still and should be done with Love! 

Love is the water we give our tiny seeds, Love is the nurturing we give to the plants and Love is the gift we receive from the plants in return with their bounty. Our soil has been nurtured as has our soul. To Love someone and watch them grow and succeed is the greatest gift of all ...

Can you imagine what our world would be if we all sowed seeds? 

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