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Soil Health is Our Health?

The health of our bodies relies on the health of the soil, the air and water. Sounds kind of odd...or does it make sense? Everything on this round sphere we live on is entirely reliant on each other. Without plants we would not have oxygen, without water or soil we would not have plants. Without plants we would not have food and the list goes on. Even all the tiny microbes in the soil are included in the community in which we all live.

However, there is more to this equation. The health of all of this directly effects the whole.  If one is ou

t of sync the health and welfare of the community will be disrupted. The use of pesticides, herbicides is not all to blame as the recking ball. The mismanagement of human waste, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, overgrazing, poor forestry practices, water management, add to the daily destruction of our environment.

Human nature (as a whole) tends to believe bigger is better and more is best. When all along we have stripped our soils of life, endangered the health of our forest, poisoned our waters with chemicals and polluted our air. In many cases mankind has changed the ecosystem in areas so badly, it has taken decades to recover. Man-made soil enhancements are no different than man made pharmaceuticals. They work on the symptoms and not the problem. Many times, creating an anaerobic environment - in which life doesn’t grow - it becomes sterile and merely withers and dies.

You cannot keep taking cookies out of the cookie jar and expect the jar to be full. You must replenish the jar. Our earth is no different than the cookie jar. We as stewards of this sphere we must realize that we are not the only intelligent life form. Even as God created the earth, the heavens above, and all creatures great and small… he created man to tend the garden. He did not tell man to ruin the garden but to tend the garden. The garden we all live in - the earth.

The foods whether they are plants or animals that we consume is intended to nurture our bodies, to make us healthier both mind and soul. This is the same for the plants and animals. They too must consume high quality foods in order to grow, and multiply. The foods that we all consume should not make us sick. If we destroy their environment how do, we expect to live our lives disease free. We are all in this together.

At Spyglass Gardens llc, we believe in giving back. Tending the garden with care and being diligent in caring for our soil first. Creating an environment for beneficial insects and conservation efforts to restore the ecology around us. We have joined the “Bio Nutrient Food Association” – educating growers in creating healthier soil ecosystems resulting in healthier food.

Regenerating life one step at a time!

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