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Simple Times of Youth

I ran across this picture today.. To many folks this may look like just 2 kids in a field with a wheelbarrow. To me it is a picture of friendship.

These two young ladies are obviously discussing something very important. They are very content in their world. The sun is shining on this wonderful fall day. The sunflowers have given up their petals to make room for the seeds that will soon become feed for the many birds that gather in the field. Their wheelbarrow looks to have prized possessions neatly tucked down so no one can see.  You can almost hear them, but yet ...they are just far enough can only imagine. Watching children grow, explore, form friendships-discover the simple moments in life is so rewarding to any parent or grandparent. To see them talking - planning, role playing, deciding, telling stories, giggling are the Simple Times of Youth. In our crazy world today we grow up too fast. Everything has a button and lights up! Runs on batteries or electricity, makes noise or entertains us somehow. Remember when you laid on your back and watched the clouds on a warm summer day? Watch as birds flew south for the winter or watch a butterfly on a flower. Remember when you sat and listened to your friend tell you a story face to face?  Take time to relive the Simple Times of Youth.... We make it our passion to spend time enjoying nature and each other. Showing love for our family and friends in some of the most simple moments - touches the heart and leaves a lasting memory. Those two young ladies are very special to us for they are cousins and our granddaughters!

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