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Sights and Smells of Spring

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Fruit tree buds swell

Soon they will burst in the warm sun

Blossoms of pink red and white

In the early morning quite a delight

Frost brings the farmer alarm

Because cold mornings can bring harm

Praying each blossom will bare fruit

Sounds of honey bees – birds gathering in the trees

Courtship of spring fills the air

The farmer prepares his fields with great care.

Willows gently bend in the breeze

Clothed in lime green leaves

Patches of yellow appear in the grass

Weed or flower some folks ask

Dandylions golden in the sun

Bring joy to the honey bees – watching is such fun!

Soon the fields will be enchanted

In colors of the rainbow

Textures of life tall and low

Baring tiny flowers that last for days

Large blooms only lasting an hour.

Some smell sweet – some sour

But altogether, with the help of those bees

Soon bring forth the bounty for you and me,

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