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Shadows Of Spring

Every year late in November we wait for the first sign of crystals falling from the sky. Those amazing one of a kind shapes called 'snowflakes' the winter treads on we look forward to more snow, less fog and forbid the rain. Yet as January's days come and go, the purity of white snow turns to a grey ice mass. Signs of earth show through the ice, tiny plants emerge and sprout leaves.  A scent lingers in the air...The earth bolts up with each frost, cracking and churning. The soil awakes in the sun’s warmth.

With each passing second the days grow longer. Birds awaken each morning, busy darting, chatting gathering twigs and moist weeds perfect for repairing nests. Red tail hawks encourage their young to find their own habitat to make room for the next generation. Rouge bees awaken - zoom about trying to find food and praying to make it back to the hive before night fall. The wind comes from the south, warm rains fill the air. Buds swell on the branches of trees.

As the earth tilts the sun becomes a warm globe, warm rays reaching and touching everything in their path. Mornings are filled with moist heavy air frost is only in the high country. All of nature is heavy with dew. Soil becomes open to receive the microbes that have been rejuvenated over the long winter. It won’t be long before the tiny buds pop and the busy bees will fill the air. A sweet scent flows through out the yard and nature awakens from its slumber. The groundhog didn’t see his shadow spring is on its least we hope!

Alas one can see the 'Shadows of Spring'!

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