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Dirt from the Farm – Life on the farm

Work never seems to be done around here. :-)

A farmer’s work is never done – Words of Wisdom! If anyone thinks just because you farm in a growing season that is only 9 months long and you have the winter off, you are crazy!

At Spyglass Gardens in late fall the fields are plowed, compost added, cover crops planted and mapped for rotation of crops for the next season. As winter approaches, we have already ordered the seeds we will need and reserved potato seed, onion sets and sweet potato slips. Planning ahead to assure we have the best selection.

Education of Soil Science, Horticulture and Food Safety seminars are attended throughout the winter months. Implementing techniques and requirements each growing season is a commitment we have made for our customers.

Winter Chores consist of organizing the greenhouse, cleaning and disinfecting trays (we recycle our greenhouse trays) rebuilding and restoring raised beds. Fruit trees are trimmed and cut branches chipped. Equipment is repaired and serviced ready to be used in the spring-thank goodness the shop has a wood stove!

As January comes to a close, those seed trays are being planted with thousands of tiny seeds. Planting of seeds continues till late March. Trays will be warmed under lights and soon a blanket of green will appear. Each tiny plant is nurtured till its ready to be transplanted to a slightly larger tray (plug tray) where it will grow for a few more weeks.

Then each plant will journey to a 4 inch pot and racked by 10 and be placed among hundreds of others. Some are flowers and will be placed in hanging baskets or pots….Once the weather permits (depending on variety) it will journey to the “Great Outdoors”….At Spyglass Gardens this is all done by hand – and with Love.

Proud to grow for you for 19 years – our produce is thousands of miles fresher!

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