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Bonding Over Dirt - Making Friends

Seems like a funny title for a blog. Bonding over the Dirt and Friendship is actually the way the first folks on this earth became friends.  Think about it, there was Adam and Eve then their children and as the human race started multiplying more and more folks were wandering about gathering and planting foods. Working side by side folks bonding their interests, families and common goals over the dirt. Helping each other build homes, plant foods, gather foods - cooking foods and of course sourcing materials for clothing and to make tools. 

Making friends along the way was just the way of life. Friendships between families, cultures, religions have manifested through the years. Women mainly were the founders of these friendships. Women were the planters, harvesters, provided meals and created clothing and tools. Lending a hand to another was just the right thing to do...Many hands make quick work!  Children of these families also became friends. As friendships would grow among the ladies, the men folk would cultivate their buddy system between men. Lending a helping hand in hunting, preparing the soil and building structures etc.

It is safe to assume the first friends were made by their hands together in the dirt.  Lending a hand for any cause makes one feel good and accomplishing together, brings a smile to all. Working side by side in the cold or heat, rain or shine to reach a common goal is a definite friendship stepping stone.  

On our farm we have been blessed by many of these friendships - cultivated in the dirt. From planting seeds together to planting in the field. Pruning trees to harvesting the bounty.  Sharing stories along the way - these friendships have blossomed and matured into bonds of love and trust for one another. Neither one worrying about getting their hands dirty. Always willing to lend a helping hand and sharing their love for the dirt!

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