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   Welcome to our doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils Minimize  
We so very proud to annouce that we have added doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils to our lives here on the farm and in our family. Discovering this amazing company we feel was a true blessing for our health and sharing the oils with our family and friends has been so rewarding....We hope you will take the time to enjoy the testimonies and view and learn about these "Gifts from the Earth"......we will be adding more to this page each week...also there is a helpful link to mini videos and webinars ...Enjoy!
   CPTG -What does that mean? Minimize  
Essential Oils from doTERRA are very unique becuase they all carry the CPTG label. CPTG stands for Certified Pure Theraputic Grade....this means that they are All Totally Organic, No Fillers or Solvents are added and they are the purest of all Essential Oils. doTERRA maintains this standard in each and every bottle that carries their label..... Many OTHER oils that are available on the market today state ..."Do Not Take Internally"....They have harmful fillers and solvents and are also not Organic in nature.....You can be assured that the Essential Oils from doTERRA can all be used Topically, Aromatically and Internally....with the exception of oils that are not meant for Internal Use at all --like Cypress, Blue Tansy and Birch.

We have been truly blessed by having doTERRA's CPTG Essential OIls in our lives. This year we after careful study decided to do a study on our farm using doTERRA's CPTG Essential Oils on our Crops for insect control. After controls were in place we embarked on a journey that ultimately became an answer to prayer. We will load our information soon. But if you have any questions please email us and we would love to help you with your garden or farming practices for 2015. WE are very fortunate to not only have the puriest oils on the planet but have been focused by doTerra at the 2014 Global Convention.

   Aroma Touch Massage Minimize  
Aroma Touch Technique is truly a unique form of massage. Wendy recently completed her certification to perform Aroma Touch by doTERRA....the experience can be done in the privacy of your home (by appointment). Using a comfortable massage table the technique includes 8 oils layered in twos....aiding in Stress Reduction, Immune Enhancement, Mood Elevation and Inflamation Reduction....laying on your stomach draped in warm blankets, peaceful music is included in the 40 min treatment.....to explore an opportunity email us at spyglassgardens@gmail.com
   LEMON and PEPPERMINT OIL Minimize  
Lemon Oil is amazing...extracted from the Lemon Rine, one drop of doTERRA Lemon Oil is = to 23 cups of Lemon Tea for antioxidants. It is a gentle detoxifier for our bodies as well as an aid to removing crystals within our joints that can cause Gout and painful arthritis.....Lemon oil is a great cleaner too. Removing tough stains and debris it is a natural Antiviral and Antibactiral and Antifungal. Not to mention while cleaning your house with this citrus oil it will lift your spirt too!.....Peppermint falls in to the catagory of healing calming and restoring. Using peppermint on your temples and back of neck will reduce your tension, headaches and fever. Also used on the bottoms of feet it can cool your whole body...It is like Lemon it carries the same properties of Antiviral, fungal and bacterial....Use in tea for sinus relief too.

   Helpful sites for doTerra Oils Minimize  
If you wish to learn more about these oils or explore opportunities to purchase them you can visit our doterra site.... http://mydoterra.com/stevewendysmith

   Terrashield CPTG OIL Blend Minimize  
On the farm, at the cabin, in the car we always have the Terrashield Oil...great to repel flies, knats and pesky mosquitoes! We used it in the CSA pick up area and had no flies or wasps ... drop on ribbons that are attached to fans ... smells great too. 1 drop of oil per 1 oz of water in a spray bottle... use as you would other repellents...only this one is safe!
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