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Greetings from Spyglass Gardens...  Greetings from Spyglass Gardens... Minimize 
Hope you enjoy these pictures of our farm. Lots of sweat, tears and sore muscles have been endured creating a garden that is not only beautiful to the eye but sustains the soul.

Colors of Spyglass Gardens  Colors of Spyglass Gardens Minimize 
Lots of color Spring to Fall... Flowers are beautifull but they also attract the good guy bugs to protect and pollenate the plants.

Bounty a plenty  Bounty a plenty Minimize 
From tiny seed to nourishing feed...

Planting Peppers  Planting Peppers Minimize 
Our grandkids help in planting tiny seeds, test tasting and making us laugh...Bryson planted peppers and they all came up!

Alpha Nursery Farmers Market - Wednesdays July-Sept  Alpha Nursery Farmers Market - Wednesdays July-Sept Minimize 
Two ways of shopping Spyglass Gardens... Either become a member of our popular CSA Program.. June -October or if you are traveling Hwy 55 on Wednesdays....
Alpha Nursery -- Hwy 55 north of Clear Creek Station every Wednesday July-Sept

Come see us at the Alpha Nursery - Cascade-  Come see us at the Alpha Nursery - Cascade- Minimize 

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