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Our webpage will be experiencing a FACE LIFT! Very Soon, look forward to more information and pictures of our farm as we Celebrate our 15th year of bringing All Natural Garden Fresh Produce to your table!

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In the spring of 2000, Steve and Wendy decided to plow up the field behind their home and plant a garden. Not just any garden but a garden filled with All Natural Veggies and Fruits. As the years passed they transformed their acreage into a productive, colorful and tasty paradise. 34 fruit trees, Grape Arbor, Herb Garden and Raspberry - Strawberry patch are among the landscape at the farm....
Today thru sweat, tears, laughter and ultimate joy Spyglass Gardens has been a true testimony for two peoples love for the earth and each other. Every year the fields are hand planted. At Spyglass Gardens everything from Arugula to Zucchine is grown June to end of September. This farm offers an flexible CSA Program for the Boise, Eagle Meridian area... and sells at the Farmers Market in Cascade at the Alpha Nursery every Wednesday from July to September. ***WE ARE PROUD CELEBRATE OUR 15TH YEAR - GROWING ALL NATURAL PRODUCE ! WE WILL BE ANNOUNCING SOON AN ANNIVERSARY PARTY FOR ALL MEMBERS (SUMMER OF 2015) .Please browse thru our webpage and enjoy the pictures of our farm...Try some of the recipes too! Our Pics of week are posted each Sunday Evening along with helpful tips and recipes. ....No need to login just browse and enjoy ....Thanks from the staff at Spyglass Gardens and the owners Steve and Wendy Smith and Family.

Peppermint Study  Peppermint Study Minimize 
This year we used doTERRA CPTG Essential Oil - Peppermint - on our crops for Squash Vine Borer and Squash Bugs and Aphids....The results are amazing. We will be loading our results soon...Harvesting NOW! But you will be amazed. This Sept 20 in Salt Lake City at the Global Conention for doTERRA our farm was announced during session. We are working on a study via doTERRA for insect control with Essential Oils. This year was amazing. Posts of our study and protocol to follow. Please contact us at spyglassgardens@gmail.com and we would be glad to answer your questions............Goals for 2015 - Controls on Squash Areas, use on Aphids - Cold Crops and Fruit Bearing Trees as well as Thrips.

Minimize CSA Program 2015 - 15 Year Anniversary!
Our CSA Program Schedule for 2015 Starts June 2, 2015 - Tuesday & Thursdays 3 to 6 here on the farm. The first 2 weeks will be packed with Greens of all colors, Green Onions, Baby Beets, Asparagus, Herbs, Radishes. In 2014 the membership voted to take the last two weeks off and double up later in August to make up for the break. It was a huge success. So we are repeating that in 2015. We will not have pickups the last two weeks of June. The Program resumes first week of July and continues till the last week of September.......We will double everyone up a week in August and in September to make up for the break in June. Email us at spyglassgardens@gmail.com for contract information.
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We are very blessed to have Rebecca again this summer. You will find her, planting, weeding, harvesting and always with a smile!.....Rebecca is our Farm Manager also she is a teacher of Deaf and Blind in the Boise School District....with all of her other duties, she has been busy interviewing and hiring our staff.

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Steve and Wendy are proud to annouce that they are Wellness Advocates of doTERRA Essential Oils....these are not just your on the shelf oils but CPTG essential oils that have changed their lives and the lives of their family and friends...........doTERRA Oils are totally free of pesticides, herbicides and fillers making them a perfect compliment to the All Natural Sustainable Farm that Spyglass Gardens represents.....Please click on our page to find testimonies, recipes and a link to learn more about these amazing oils......
Listening to the birds chating, watching the clouds drift by and smelling the sweetness of flowers blooming in the garden...tasting a ripe red strawberry warmed by the sun...hearing the cows bay and the roosters crow...That is summer on a farm. Life doesn't get any better than that....To some it looks like alot of work and dirt, to a farmer it looks like life it self. Watching a tiny seed grow into a stalk of corn or a tomato plant producing 100X more seeds, a true miracle....Tasting a fresh crisp cucumber or a slice of juicy canteloupe. And knowing all along that a tiny seed produced such a huge fare...We love teaching our members about the importance of farming, taking care of this earth and tasting natural grown produce, in hopes they will pass this on to their children....Yes Summer time on the farm is a lot of work, but it sure does taste good!

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Steve or Wendy at spyglassgardens@gmail.com or the Farm Phone 208-991-7317
Mailing Address: 3445 South Linder Road Meridian, Idaho 83642 our doterra website is http://mydoterra.com/stevewendysmith

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We update our Web Page each Sunday evening. ...no need to login...just click and view also you can print...our current webhost doesn't do well with Google Chrome...this fall we will have a all new look...thanks for your patience

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A few years ago by a twist of fate we established the CSA Program for Spyglass Gardens....We had always been open to the public 5 months a year but with new ordinances within ADA County 2008, we were faced with an important decision. Thusly the SPYGLASS CSA PROGRAM was born. We are proud to announce that this program has truely been a blessing to us... Yes we were a bit worried but our ol time customers and dear friends have helped us make this program what it is today.
We wish to thank those who have helped make this alternative marketing a success. To our parents, our 5 children and their families and all of our friends ...A huge thank you...This is our 13th year of Spyglass Gardens and even with the crazy weather it is a GREAT YEAR! God Bless each and everyone of you....Steve and Wendy

Spyglass Gardens at a glance  Spyglass Gardens at a glance Minimize 

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